Video Kills

Video Is A Killer?


Hello Readers,

Firstly my apologies for not posting a blog post last week.

How is everyone doing? Well time sure flies and August is soon coming to an end and we slowly approach into year-end.

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This week I will be talking about videos again! We all know video will be the most popular and ideal platform in getting your message across. If you are doing marketing, video should and must be incorporated or use.

Short videos like 1 minute generally gets more viewership, compared to lengthy ones. Having said that some longer videos do get good viewership. How is that so?

Facebook does show preference for engaging videos thus enhancing viewership.

Now I like to share these 6 characteristics to help you creating awesome videos.


Arousing Curiosity


Attention Grabbing headlines like “Blogging is Dead” “Affiliate Marketing Won’t Make You Money”

These are all provocation to your viewers, like what are you talking about? It pricks your viewer’s thoughts. It just creates an inquisitive feeling to find out more.

Anyway that’s what we want as marketers using videos.


Addicting Your Audience


A quick analysis from Facebook on video viewing in 2016, suggest that 45% can view at least 3 seconds of your video, high probability they will continue for the next 30 seconds

We have short attention span, thus arousing curiosity is not enough. Within 3 seconds you need to get your viewers addicted. So what addictive must we add to our videos?

Simple, captivating opening shot with potent content will grab your viewer’s attention. This will provoke interest for the rest of your video. A quick summary should do the job.


Ensure Clear Visibility (Visual)


Learning through visual contact is the best way. Watching is one of the best ways to learn. We absorb better through audio and visual giving us a clearer understanding. I can’t help remembering this phrase “Monkey see Monkey do”.


Story Telling


We share our personal experience through story telling. Your viewers start to feel what you feel in your story.

Your energy enhancing story can stirred up emotions of appreciation or sympathy. By putting all your personal experience into a story, you are helping your viewers to relate themselves with your story.


Excite And Stimulate Your Viewers


You need to create warm feelings in your video to excite and stimulate your viewers. A connection is form between you and your viewers. Excitement is what we want to create. It is emotional led story in a video that we must create. One word will describe everything at the end of the day – inspirational.


A Believable Story


Trust is crucial and the center of our marketing strategy. Just remember if there is no trust, your video content will not be absorb. End of the day your brand name is what you want to promote as well.

As far as Facebook is concern, attractive video dominates. In order to achieve this, you need to find out what is viewer’s choices and behaviour.




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Summary Video




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Have a great successful week ahead!