Time Management in Internet Marketing

Time Distribution

Screen Shot of 2 ClocksFirst of all do you agreed we all have 24 hours a day irrespective of status? The president of U.S.A. or the Queen of England as well as the worker in the car manufacturing factory and the Internet marketer all have 24 hours a day. Not a second or a minute more does any of them has.

Time for the Internet Marketer

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As an Internet Marketer myself, I must admit it is very challenging and many times a struggle in keeping and managing time in a jammed pack day! I’m not sure about you but if you face a similar situation in your day do share with me by leaving your comments at the end of my post.

Tasks Accomplished or Unaccomplished?

I’m sure at the start of everyday we do have mentally in us what we want to do for the day. This is fine if the task before you is only a handful. Now what if the tasks we have gets a handful, can you possibly remember every task? I used to do that not too long ago in my day job. Very often we may forget as there will be urgent task that warrants your immediate attention. Otherwise you or for sure myself get distracted by other attractions that come our way. So when you reach end day did you ever ask yourself what have you accomplish today? I did that several times definitely not more than 5 I must admit! Next what do we do, well I normally or my colleagues will always said “Tomorrow we will do it” now what happen if tomorrow you fall ill and absent yourself from work. Perhaps in our Internet marketing world we too may become sick or too sick to even log into our laptop.

Solution to this undesirable habit

I was a procrastinator and today I’m still one but a lesser one thankfully. Today I use a time management sheet to list out my tasks and prioritise which is the most important one for the day. I strongly encourage Internet marketers to have this list and try your very best to stick to it as far as possible.

It did help me to a certain extend and I’m fine tuning it. One secret is not to list too many task on your list. I am sure you will get overwhelmed. This is speaking from my experience, as this will lead you back to the same spot as you have started.

So as an Internet marketer you may list your task related to your business like blogging, sourcing for traffic, preparing your squeeze page, shooting of videos, or writing your scripts. Next you may want to list other task or duties you have to do in the day. Perhaps like errands, fetching or sending children to school, groceries shopping or even exercising like jogging or brisk walking or workout in the gym.

It is from this very long list you will pick the important ones and place these first or on top of your list. Have a balance and do not get too ambitious in trying to get all done as you will not and that’s where you will give up and fall into old ways.


Now followers of my blog do leave a feedback or some sharing about what I have just posted. It is extremely useful if we could share with each other our experiences. This will be beneficial both ways.

Do note my blog will soon be undergoing some restructuring, do bear with me as I have my blog improve for the benefit of all.

Have a fantastic and profitable week!


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