Tips On Bonding In Email Marketing

Introduction Video


Your Email List

You have taken considerable amount of time and effort to build your email list. A convincing Squeeze Page, your video in the Landing or Thank You Page did win them over. Follow up Emails have kept them within your sphere of influence. Subscribers to your list are growing and indeed that is a “Happy Problem” to have.

 Huge Email List

I have a big list and most certainly this is going to get me lots of money. Having such thoughts may lead you to conclude those with a small list will have a smaller income. So with a huge list, what have you done with these people apart from selling to them? They look formidable in numbers and that is as far as you can go.

Small Email List

Now with a small list did you communicate with them in a consistent manner? If you have been consistent, your list knows will know you like friend and relate to you as someone they can communicate with on anything. In short the Know, Like and Trust factor is in place if you spend time with them in the area of communication.

Bonding With Your Email List

Now like a close knitted family in terms of communication and bonding. This will best explain bonding with your email list. I cannot think of anything at this moment that can substitute bonding in relationship building.

One important factor here is we are dealing with the human factor in our online business. The Internet is just a platform for you to use to conduct your business. Your email list consists of real people disguise in the form of an email address. Both buyers (leads or audience) and sellers like us are real after all! So it’s a human personal business involving people using the Internet.


Honesty and trustworthy are ingredients that your leads look for when dealing with you. We seldom pay attention to this area that our audience or potential customers are keeping an eye on us!

Value Giving And Reciprocity

Just like a chef in a restaurant dishing out the finest cuisine, and he will see increase in patronage you too must do the same. Dish out quality problem solving content. The more value you give it will result in more sales. Your list that benefitted from your free content will reciprocate with you by buying from you. It is worth paying if you can help or solve my issues.

Giving Yourself in Bonding

Can you be natural displaying yourself the true you? Your email list to see your natural self. You must not act or pretend to be someone else. Your subscribers want to connect and resonate with you like a real person.

Therefore in bonding stay natural and that will lead to attraction between you and your value subscribers. Remember I mention this before, love them and make love with them. This will go a long way in your relationship bonding.

Tell and share your story is another way of giving yourself to your subscribers. It need not be successful stories that will attract your subscribers. Go on and share those failures and mistakes you made in the past the losses you made as this will show the real you.

After all you are only human not some programmed robot that will always win at everything you do. Include some part of this life sharing in your emails to your subscribers.

In this manner of Bonding in Email Marketing you can expect to see higher conversion rates. Increase in sales will follow from your efforts in giving yourself.

Achieving High Conversion

First and foremost get yourself educated, this learning process never stops or ends. As for me, I will say you learn something new everyday! Impart this knowledge you received.

The better educated you get means giving valuable training or knowledge to others. Gradually, you will see your subscribers liking you for what you are giving them. Definitely, it is easier to market and sell to your email list.

Together with giving valuable education, leave your personality in your emails to your subscribers. Your subscribers will remember you in this manner. Surely, you don’t want them to forget you after they opt in to your email list.

Killing Your Email List

There are some sure fire ways to kill your list, which I hope you will not do. Continuous sales pitch like several times a day without any value giving or background is one. Emailing your list like ten times a day is one crazy way an online entrepreneur should not be doing. All this will end up with your list leaving you all together. They don’t want to see you anymore and that is the end of your business.

In a similar offline situation, this sales person is simply bugging you to buy his product or services day and night. He stalks you from your home to your workplace back to home. Personally for me, I will take pains to find ways to avoid this person meaning I don’t want to have anything to do with this salesperson.

One Last One

There is no better way than to get in front of your audience and not hide behind a curtain. Firstly, video is the best way to get in front of your audience; your training in the form of a video helps tremendously.

Secondly, your blog site, which happens to be a platform of trust, is another avenue for you to get in front of your audience, in the form of your blog post.

Thirdly, your email is also a means of getting in front of your audience. I will still say video is the most powerful channel of putting yourself in front of your subscribers.

Concluding Summary

To succeed in this bonding in email marketing you must be:

  • Daily emails to your subscribers.
  • Be your natural self.
  • Give yourself education in order to teach others.
  • Provide 90% valuable content education and 10% pitch
  • Give mixed content in the form of videos.
  • Good and sound product knowledge.





  • Can bonding in email marketing get you the results you want? Do you have any other suggestions to share?
  • What is your opinion about videos in email marketing?



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