Tools Available In Generating A Lead Magnet

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A quick recap of what you have watched, what are the tools available to help you create a Lead Magnet. First and top of the list is video follow by PDF E-Books and MP3 Audio.


There are several ways of creating a video for your Lead Magnet. Be it a video training or a pitch you can use Microsoft PowerPoint for a start. Put your valuable content or training on PowerPoint slides, which could include images (ideal). Next all you need is to narrate over it. You will have a video ready for your Lead Magnet.

Another method will be screen capture, you can do that by using an on screen recording software to record what is happening on screen into training or a product.

Doing an on camera recording using our all too common smart phones or digital camera should be able to generate a good quality video for our Lead Magnet. I personally use Camtasia for my videos for editing or screen capture. It is user friendly and produces good quality videos.

All videos need to be hosted just like your blog site. For beginners YouTube should be fine, another alternative is Vimeo or Amazon S3. It is always good to have alternatives host just in case of any issues that may arise.

PDF E-Books

Good old fashion E-Books is another alternative to creating a Lead Magnet. Write your content in Microsoft Word and save it in PDF format. Upload it to your server and it can be downloaded by anyone who opts in to your squeeze page.


There are several ways like recording your voice through the computer with the use of a microphone. Most smart phone does have this function of audio recording. The all-versatile Camtasia does have this function as well. You need to do is to disable the camera and the on screen capture and use only the microphone. These are MP3 Audios for you and you can use these as your Lead Magnet.

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