Using Videos To Develop Leads

The Many Uses Of Videos In Lead Development




Hello everyone, how is everyone doing? Hopefully fine!

Well it has been a sad week for me; I have just lost one of my classmates. It was really sad, although he was sick; the suddenness shocked not only myself but my classmates as well. In short he was doing his dialysis and collapsed with a heart attack. Some of us saw him a couple of days before his passing. I was told he looked fine and in high spirits and even joking away.

We were all suppose to gather this coming August and this will have been our third year of gathering.

Anyway this speaks a lot not only to myself, but also to all of us that life is short. Anything can happen to us at any time without any notice. For those of us who are still pondering what action to take, all I can say follow the Nike slogan: Just Do It!


Standing Out And Be Heard Or Seen

Let’s just say as Internet Marketers, we will spent a lot of time refining our lead generation and emails. If you don’t than from a sales standpoint most likely you will suffer. Why is that so?

It’s simply because your message don’t stand out in your leads inbox. This would lead to your failure to attention grab and stir a response from your leads. Under such circumstances, how could you close a sale?




Can Videos Be Use In Sales?


Of late, the use of video in the following areas namely:

  • Prospecting
  • Relationship Building
  • Sales

The result are higher emails open rates and reply rates. It is no longer a why should video be use, but more like how do you use it?


Using Video In Prospecting Phase

Remember the Know Like Trust Phase? In prospecting you are only at the “Know” stage. You are reaching out to cold leads that have yet to know you. Obviously, you must stand out here to capture attention.

Now how could videos help in this aspect:

  • Grabbing Attention, try using the word “video” in your email headlines.
  • Building Credibility, engaging your leads is one good way to build creditability. Remember we are still in the “know” phase.
  • Getting Personal, finding out more about your leads and what they do will help you to better connect with them.

Sample email

Email Headline/Subject Line: John I done a personal video

Hello John,

I believe you are focusing in developing an Internet online business. I have piece together a 30-second video illustrating how I can help you to get started on your online business.


Looking forward to sharing more steps and processes. How about a short chat on {date and time} on Skype as an introduction?


Using Video In Emails During Relationship Building

More often, during relationship building you’ll into the “Like” phase. You are trying to get them to “Like” you. By now your leads have known you already, stay on the top of the game by using videos on the following areas:

  • Start with
  • Sharing valuable content.
  • Point them to any useful/valuable content on the web.

The point here worth emphasising, is content and you should take note of the following:

  • Content of a related nature; do maintain records of type of content you have sent to your leads. So at least you content that are relevant and familiar are sent to your leads.
  • Dialogue Style, this helps to make you someone approachable instead of a preacher. You can say two-way communication.
  • Beneficial, the form of communication should be educational and benefits your leads.


Sample Email

Email Headline/Subject Line: Take a look at this video John


Hello John,

Notice your recent post on your blog, Instagram or Facebook; perhaps you like to check this recent report/post on {related topic} helpful.

 I put together a video summary {interesting, valuable, and relevant} point at the end.


 Hope you enjoy it, do let me know your thoughts.


Using Video In Sales Email

By now your leads should be in the “trust” stage of the know, like trust phase. They are now close to the buying stage and it’s your selling phase. It’s the deep end of the sales funnel and you should continue with your videos.

The type of videos most relevant here is namely:

  • Mini-demos
  • Follow up

Linking value proposition with lead needs: Address “Why they need your product or programme and how you can help them”

Stay positive but not too assertive: leads like you to understand them, but now to the extent of pushing them into a deal.

Personal Connection: People buy from people, you have the upper hand if you can bond with your leads.


Sample Email

Email Headline/Subject Line: Just a 60 seconds video for John


Hello John,

With your current situation, I thought it would be good to share in this 60 seconds video that will help you move out from your present situation


I will catch up after you finish viewing the video. Looking forward to sharing more details with you to make this year a better one.



Very quickly, we come to the end of this week’s blog post Using Videos to Develop Leads. I hope you have enjoy reading it as much as I did presenting it to you.

Do let me some feedbacks.

Have a great fantastic week ahead!


Summary Video




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