Is Video Marketing That Appealing?

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I’m sure today we have seen many especially the young using cameras from smart phone to take a picture or video recording. Let’s say more than five years ago was this possible? Those days the use of mobile phones are for communication as it’s sole purpose. When cameras were incorporated into mobile phones as well as being Internet ready, everything was so different!

Social media grew at a rapid pace; the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube just to name a few. The camera built into your mobile phone has change the way we live. Photos and videos can be found in every mobile phone.



The Coming Of Video Marketing

If we bring ourselves back to 20th century, marketing videos or commercials were the only ones we saw in our television. If you have a product or service to market, you pay advertising company to cut a video clip within a certain time limit and you have it up as television commercials.

Today and right now as I write this post, all that had changed. We still have commercials on our television, but advertising on social media is making great inroads in getting their message across to audience.

Is video marketing that appealing? Indeed video marketing is turning heads in all corners of the globe.


The Rise In Video Marketing

Video marketing is undoubtedly, gaining in popularity as well becoming an important part in marketing plans in big corporates. If that is so are we as Internet marketers taking advantage in video marketing, as its appeal cannot go unnoticed.

Remember we need to connect or interact with our leads on our mailing list. We need to captivate them into our paying clients. Video will dominate a huge part of Internet traffic today. Why not include the word “Video” in the subject of your email and watch what happens? It’s going to be positive, so in your video marketing drive include that word. Nothing to lose and no cost involve.



Facebook And Video Marketing

I was told video viewership per day has increase tremendously on Facebook. Can you see the potential there for video marketing for us Internet marketers? How often when we lock into the Internet we have Facebook as one of our tabs? This will definitely help and enhance our video marketing drive.



Why Video Marketing?

  1. Escalate Client Conversion: Video will always convert more clients or leads when used in your marketing content. Recent research has shown a high conversion rate with the use of video.
  1. Solid Emotional Association: People buy from people not corporates. It is the sales person qualities that attract us. If there is emotional buying we can do emotional selling to cater to that end. Corporates do use people to invoke emotions or persuasion to buy.
  1. Increase Click-Through Rates In Email Marketing: The use of videos does effectively enhance your CTR. After all you have important information in your email to your subscribers and you want them to open your email don’t you?
  1. Enhance Engagement: Text versus videos, let use an example of tutorial in “video editing” which would you prefer, a video showing you how to edit video or text format inclusive of print screen? A video will always reveal your true person (authencity). Trust is developed through video, as your leads may be skeptical about you. Through video marketing we can enhance engaging a Call To Action.
  1. Retention Of Content: Somehow it is easier to remember something you saw in the video. This is especially so in content marketing. Video viewing is something easy to use and available on the Internet. YouTube is speaks a lot when you check out content available.



Format In Video Marketing

Story telling at the start helps to relate or bring yourself closer to your audience. If you can try and blend you’re stories telling with your content. Its challenging as I too have faced that all the time. Let’s give it a try.



Your Turn

  1. Do you agree story telling is a good way in engaging your audience? In your opinion why is that so?
  1. Apart from the five points I gave in “Why Video Marketing” do you have any to add on?
  1. Do you find it a challenge to tell a story at the start?


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