Do You Want To Develop Leads? Part 2

The Second Part Of Do You Want To Develop Leads

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Anyway I am back with part 2 of Do you want to Develop Leads?


The Beginning Of A Lead Developing Campaign

There are certain set format or rules to follow for your email campaign.

You are strongly discouraged to just blast a sales pitch to your leads from day to night. Buy this and buy this and buy that and a string of sales pitch will turn you leads off.

So what must I do, quick tell me!

All right, “ideally” give a valuable piece of information or training. Of course it must be free. People love free stuff don’t you agree? I too love free stuff!

Finally blend it in with a sales pitch, if possible this product or programme should compliment with the free training you have just given.


What Do You Want With Your Campaign?

Criteria One

You have to decide what do you want. Are you going to warm your cold leads up? Or enhance your lead quality? Perhaps generate new leads.

One classic case is if you give free valuable content, most likely these are going to be collected and kept by most. You can classify these as researchers. Very unlikely to buy from you! These need further vetting.

Should they return to inquire and request more information, these are potential buyers. These could be worth pitching your sales to.

Criteria Two

Who are you going to reach out and what problem are you going to help them solved?

You should have a reasonable clue of what kind of leads you are going for. In general, if you are in the online make money niche are you going out there to help solve their problems? Is their personality in line with this niche? This will be the problem (online make money) you are going to help them solve.


Re-modelling Prevailing Content

Do bear in mind that those who opt in to your list need not be buyers. They are not 100% ready to buy when a sales pitch is shown to them.

Some are not ready; some are just 20% ready, while if you are fortunate 50% ready to buy. Depending on which stage they are in the content you sent them will vary.

You need to breed them through the sales funnel. There is no requirement to create fresh content for this purpose. Prevailing content can do the job depending on which stage of the buying process your leads are in.


Setting Up A Time Frame

Patience is something you need to have with your potential leads. You cannot rush your potential leads into a sale.

Email follow up is good but I will go one step further by either a messenger or Skype call. You don’t have to do that everyday, space it out to a comfortable time frame with your leads.

You don’t have to call everyday and pitch a sale, as most will find you annoying. Through this follow up you might find out more about your leads. They love the programme or product but financially they are not ready. Moving forward, you may like to find out exactly what your leads are doing? They might be retired (likely to have funds). They could be just starting out in their career (not likely to have much funds).

This sort of information is valuable especially if you are selling a high-ticket backend item or programme.

Lead Development Campaign Analysis

As an online marketer, you are encouraged to have many or several campaigns. I will go as far as saying you should be continuously building your email list.

Split testing of lead magnets use, different opt-in page, will help you to gauge what works as what works best.

Ultimately, it boils down to traffic, quality of leads with different campaigns you run. End of the day it’s the quality and not quantity of leads that matters.


Types Of Email For Your Lead Development Campaign

Educational Type

These are the value giving type. I call it imparting knowledge to others. Transfer what you have learned to others. It’s just learned, applied and pass on. You can always include how it helps you when you applied it.

Demo Type

The use of videos is ideal for domo for a product. Usually this will compliment educational type. You can conclude with a sales pitch. Videos are great in a sense vision is clearer especially for instructional.

Personal Type

Only you can tell how close you are to a sale. As you get closer sent a personal email or give a call. It shows you are giving special attention to hem. Honestly, if you were in their shoes, you too love to have personal attention. Your chances of a sale are enhance by this personal touch.



We come to end of Part 2 of Do You Want To Develop Leads? I will follow up with Part 3 next week.

Do leave me feedback in the comment box.

Thank you and stay healthy!


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