Do You Want To Develop Leads? Part 3

Ways To Enhance Your Leads Developing Campaign

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Trust all of you are in good health and doing fine in your business. It has been a rush week for me. I have like a ton of stuff to do and hardly much time. Many times, I wish I had more than 24 hours a day!

I’m a follower of the English Premier League (EPL) and these last few games of the season are always interesting. The top 4 and bottom 3 teams of the table are always worth watching. Somehow these seem connected to our Internet marketing business. Tell you more at the end of this post.

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Characterise Your Tone

It is common and fine to communicate via email. However, please have your email personalise. Personalised email address like and the reply address should be use all the time.

Obviously, you must have their first name and you should always use it whenever addressing them.

Another area of attention giving is to remember from which campaign did you obtain their email address. Example “Opting In from My “Newbie to Affiliate Marketing” I hope you will find this blog post useful.

You should always sound real (be yourself) and approachable and human.


Keep It Brief

We always tend to do information overload. Be precise in what you want to deliver to your subscribers. In not more than 6 seconds, they should know exactly what you are delivering them. Most important of all, the value you are giving.


Get Your Frequency Right


This is a very delicate task!

Emailing your list hourly and daily may annoy them leading to unsubscribing from your list. Similarly, don’t wait till a month after they subscribe before you commence a follow up. They could have forgotten about you!

Experiment till you get the best frequency, different subscribers from different campaigns may have different frequency.

Sending emails during weekend are just some suggestions. Being first to response to an inquiry are likely to get the sale. Ultimately we want that sale!


Don’t Overlook Social Media

Social media and emails go hand in hand.

Do always include social media sharing icons and links on your email. Allow them to share your offer or content with their network. You can prompt them to help you share your email content to anyone who could be interested.

In a way, this helps in generating new leads for you!


Use Only Relevant Content

Remember what your leads opted in to your mailing list for. If they came on a free training on blog traffic, than content of that nature will be relevant. Their interest was clearly revealed by opting in.

There is no harm asking if they are interested in say email copy writing before you sent them such content. Firstly, you show your concern and interest in them. You are sensitive in type of content you are sending them. Secondly, you are adding value in terms of education.


Call To Action Inclusion

What you should be doing most is collecting as much information as possible about your leads. This will enable you to sent relevant and interesting content to them.

A Call-To-Action should always be included in every email you sent out.

Ensure your Call-To-Action button is clear and actionable. Tell them what you want them to do. We all need to be told what to do all the time! What benefits they will get by clicking on the Call-to-Action button.

Would it surprise you, if I told you your Call-To-Action button should be included in the first paragraph? Your leads don’t have time to read long emails to reach your Call To Action button at the end.


The All Important Headline (Compelling

I cannot over stress the importance of headline/subject line.

Your primary goal is to grab your leads attention fast and invoke curiosity. Tips to make this happen as follows:

  • Your headline/subject line should be clearly written. Be as specific as you can get. Tell them exactly what you are delivering to them.


  • Your title should be crafted in a way creating a sense of urgency and importance.

The most fascinating captivating part of the headline must be visible. The 80-140 characters range is the ideal length. Very often marketers tend to overlook this area.

This concludes Part 3 of Do You Want To Develop Leads? Click on the video below to view a summary of this blog post.

I will be back with Part 4 next week.


As promised earlier, I’m back with this EPL story. At this point of writing the 3 teams in the relegation zone are Hull City, Middlesborough and Sunderland. I bet none of them want to be there. Anyway who would!

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Meantime have a blessed week ahead, take care and eat wisely!

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