Do You Want To Develop Leads? Part 4

How To Analyse Your Lead Developing Campaign


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Anyway this part 4 is the final part of Do You Want To Develop Leads? Today we will look at How To Analyse Your Lead Developing Campaign.

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Background Introduction

Assessment is needed for us to see if we are moving in the right direction or not. This will help us see what is working and what is not. From here we can fine-tune our campaign.

So exactly what measures are we looking at? At times we can get overwhelmed and precisely we look at the important ones.


Click Through Rates (CTR)

Click Through Rate is simply the percentage of your subscribers clicking on the links found on your email sent to them.

Actually, CTR is also applicable to clicks on your blog or opt-in page to find out exactly how many visitors drop by your page.

Mathematically, it is the number of clicks divided with the number of emails sent out. Say there were 300 clicks against 400 emails sent out giving us 75% CTR.

How does these rates help us?

At the onset it will tell us what we are delivering via email in our lead developing campaign is relevant and appropriate. This can help us determine if they are ready to buy or not.

Let me share an example with you, product content delivery emails. You describe to your email lead subscribers what this product does and how it could solve or reduce their problems or issues. At the end of it you went a step further by providing a video demo.

You discovered the video links are rarely clicked. This tells us our leads are not ready to buy. They are not at that stage and the content you have delivered is not suitable yet. In this case they need more nurturing and education.

On a different note, your leads are no longer clicking on your links to a front-end offer. This tells us perhaps, they are more ready for the advance product.


Getting In New Leads

If your Lead Developing Campaign is one of getting new leads you may consider asking your existing leads for assistance. You can ask your existing to share your content with their network. Remember to include an opt in link in that email.


What Is The Rate Of Conversion?

It’s simply the percentage of clicks on a link you inserted in your email resulting in a completed action. This action could be a purchase or opt-in. this Rate of Conversion reveals the effectiveness of content or call to action you are sending them.


What Does This Rate Of Conversion Reveals?

If this rate of conversion is climbing and continue to do so what does that mean? Well, the process you have set up in terms of content and email frequency is near perfect. Your leads opted in and you nurture them from start to the end and they are now your customers.

If the opposite takes place, which means this conversion process isn’t working the way it should be. Perhaps, you like to re-look at your whole process. Your leads might need more time in this lead developing campaign. They are probably the unusual ones who may need more attention.

A good analysis would be how many of your leads opting in from your lead developing campaign ended up being your customers (made purchases)? This will help you assess how well your lead developing campaign fare.


Unsubscribe Rate

This is the percentage of your subscribers or leads who click the “unsubscribe” link below your email. (It is required by law to be included in your email).

Your subscribers carry out this action, when they are unhappy over your email. Worst of all, some don’t even unsubscribed; instead they ignore your email by not opening it. Some even mark your email as spam and all your emails will end up in the spam folder.

A monthly check on your unsubscribed rate is something wise. It helps you to gauge your list growth rate. Take special note of increase in your unsubscribe rate. Was it because of a specific email you sent out that causes this increase?



Do You Want To Develop Leads? Part 4 concludes my series of blog post on this topic. I hope you have found it useful as much as I presented it here on my blog.

Developing Leads, Email List Building, whichever name you called it boils down to getting or building your audience. This is something vital for an Internet marketer. You must have heard these phrases like “the money is in the list” or “you can destroy everything I have except my list”.

The truth is more the relationship you built with your list that will go a long way.

From all these statements, I cannot deny the importance of building a list for your online business. This is a long term essential “hardware” for your survival.


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