Went off Track in My Journey


It must have being ages since I last blog on my site. Distraction and more distraction got the better of me. There is always some stuff preventing me from being consistent in my internet marketing or rather My Partnership to Success Journey. This is the most challenging part of the journey and John must have mentioned it some time back.

Distraction could range from full time job, friends, TV shows even family and the list goes on and on! One stuff leads to another and one week to another.

DreamerI could be surfing the net but not doing what I am supposed to do, sounds odd but its true! Can you imagine I last blog about the internet or Partnership to Success was on 5th March 2014 and September 2014 is right here. Time to Wake Up and get moving. I guess the no time limit of this programme must have got the better of me. I do admit the desire at some point of time wander elsewhere and got lost in the dark side.


One has to be very focused and disciplined as well to achieve your goals. Taking action is one thing but being consistent is another I must say. There were times when I just felt so tired and started saying yes I will do it tomorrow and that is carefully repeated day after day (procrastination they say). It’s very true when that happen to me. I remember John saying somewhere about being passionate and breathing and Internet marketing the moment you wake up and before you go to bed!


Discipline is something easier said than done! Self-motivation is also needed if you want to succeed in internet marketing. Taking action had to be constantly taken to ensure you are always in touch. Once you break your consistency, I must say from experience you have to be careful. It is like an airplane flying of course and getting lost in the deep blue sea. The earlier you realized you have gone off course the better is for you. You must put all effort to set yourself back to original course. I have been in this situation not too long ago. I’m trying whatever I can to get myself back on track. It’s still very challenging just to get myself back to original course.


I was last at week 9 in niche selection if I can still remember what I have done so far!


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