What And How iPro Works

As you have seen from my first video post last week about iPro and my involvement.



iPro Brief Intro

Dean Holland started iPro and it’s an Affiliate Marketing Program. There is no product creation one has to do or attempt to do. In basics iPro is all about driving traffic, especially targeted traffic into its funnel. This funnel is arranged with products in a way from lower end to middle end to up-sells as well as membership and finally backend high ticket coaching course.


How I got started

A little of how I got to know and started with iPro, it was Dean Holland Quick Start Challenge that got me back on track with my Internet marketing journey. Somehow, I did felt the need to make Internet marketing a source of my income for a start. Like in any Internet marketing program one have to look at it as a business rather than anything else.

This means you have to make an investment in whichever tier you join in iPro. There are Platinum, Masters and Elite available depending on how much you are willing to invest.

Over to your member’s area after you sign up, you are able to access your training videos and archive webinars. You are strongly encouraged to join the Facebook Community of very liked minded marketers. It’s a fantastic community group I must say to anyone looking into iPro.


Type of Action Needed

  1. Attend the trice weekly live training webinars, as you will definitely benefit from these live sessions. You are free to ask any questions to Louis or Glenn during these sessions to clear any doubts you have.
  2. View previous training webinars in the member’s area. Just in case if you cannot attend any live sessions you can go back to the archive to view them.
  3. Once ready start taking action perhaps small ones for start so as not to get overwhelmed. Drive traffic into the iPro funnel and watch what happens from there. Be it paid or free traffic some form of result will show up.


Paid And Free Traffic

Paid traffic is usually traffic purchase from Solo Ads Vendors. These vendors are in possession of an email list they built and the quality and quantity varies from one vendor to another. This sort of traffic usually gives you give results. You may have some front-end sales and opt-ins which iPro will follow up. I will touch on this sort of traffic later weeks from my personal experience.

Free or time invested traffic, as what I like to call it are organic traffic. Blogging or video marketing are some methods of time- invested traffic. One cannot expect to see result as quickly as paid traffic but it boils well for longer-term objective. You and I are encouraged to work at this and devoting some energy to see it succeeding in the long term. Again I will go through this in greater detail at a later date.

Now there will be a free webinar by my mentor Dean Holland on 8th August 2016 3pm Pacific 6pm Eastern 11pm United Kingdom. Do sign up by clicking on the link below and have yourself enlighten.

Sign Up For Live Event With Dean Holland & Louis Doughty


Thank You and have a great week!


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