Working on iPro Close to One Month

A Very Good Day to followers of My Blog!

Time sure flies, its been now coming to one month since I left my day job and focusing on iPro.

Now in anything you do you must have a strategy or a plan to go with. iPro is no different and here is my game plan. According to iPro training there are two type of traffic i.e. free or paid. While I take time to re-construct my blog site, I will do solo ads just to drive traffic in iPro sales funnel. This would be the paid method, which I will share in a moment. The free method that I will go along is blogging and videos (YouTube).


I did my research on solo ads vendor on Face Book before making any decision. Late May 2016 contacted a solo ad vendor and decided to go with 300 clicks for iPro Big Commission Blue Print Opt-In. I had about a 55.8% opt-in rate, which was not bad for a start. This campaign started on around 3rd June 2016. So much for Big Commission Blue Print (BCB).

Not being satisfied and wanting more, I decided to promote Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret Quiz (DAMS Quiz)

This was again via Paid method of solo ads and using a different vendor I met with some success this time round. I had about 61.6% opt-in rate my highest so far. What constituted this high opt-in rate? All I can say both vendor and product play their part. There were sales which did cover to a certain extend of my solo ads cost.

Truly overwhelmed! However being very ambitious driven I was gunning for a high-ticket back end sale which is iPro coaching!

I kind of got excited when one of my lead did fill up an iPro Application Form. This means iPro sales representative will get in touch with my lead and hopefully sign up and boom I will make my four figure commission depending on which level my lead sign for.

I did felt kind of down till this moment when nothing happen. That’s life I guess, nothing or rather success comes easy!

From all these happenings its clear iPro does sell and solo ads is one of the methods for fast traffic if you have the budget. I can understand not every one of us is blessed with a budget to do paid traffic.

Not to worry too much if you are in that position you can try blogging like what I’m doing right now. In our real world nothing is for free as we all know. How is it than there is free traffic? Free traffic is paid for in “time” You will not and cannot expect visitors to come by the moment you put up your blog post. Be patient and consistent in your blogging and result will slowly but surely come in.

Another form of blogging is video which is popular and with high potential. I will also take that route as well though I ‘m camera shy!

Sometimes a video could be worth more than a thousand words. Your message and ideas can be delivered in this manner.

I have spoken a lot about iPro and you are free to find out more about it in this coming Monday webinar by Dean Holland. It’s Free and I bet you will love it!

What do you think? Do share with me your thoughts and comments.


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Until next week I wish you a good week ahead!

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