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Dear Friends & Readers,

How is everyone today? Hopefully you had a good week. Well this week I attended a workshop about Service Delivery. It was more towards service to our customers. Aligning everything together it should goes like this: –

Product ===> Process ===> People ====> Customer Satisfaction

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Digestible Content

The word digestible tends to associate with food. If it is tasty most likely it is digestible and of course you will come back for more. Wonder if any of you will go back to food that is not tasty and difficult to digest? Unless it is for health reason, I won’t for sure!

Definition of clear is content that is clearly written, accurate and understood easily am I right? So isn’t it our aim as bloggers or internet marketers to produce such content? So when your content is clear and accurate and understandable, your audience will come back for more. Just like your food!

What Do I Want To Say?

Before you put pen to paper, you must have an idea about what you want to say. There are three essential pointers you need to have.

  • Subject Line: Take my blog post here – Writing Clearly.
  • Main Point: The purpose of my blog post is to explain about Clear Writing.
  • Framework: it is simply the structural frame of your blog post.


Know Who Is Listening To You

When you know who is listening to you or reading your post, communication becomes easier. For ease of processing your ideas to your listeners/audience, talk to them as if they are a child. No, this will not offend them.

Below are points you can follow when you are doing a video post:

  • Speak in a causally calm clear manner.
  • Put forward one question at a time.
  • One idea at a time.
  • Keep sentences and words short.


Making Clear Of Unfamiliar Words

Always good to define or make clear any unfamiliar words. This could be your subject/title, to ensure your audiences are in line with you. I call it “Essential Explanation”.


Constructing A Sentence Framework

So what is this sentence framework?

Sentence framework is made up of complete sentences and this will give a clear explanation of each of your points. Ultimately, your audience will understand what you trying to say.


One Sentence For A Paragraph

One sentence paragraph stands out!

Here are some samples:

Traffic to your blog and opt in pages are essential.

How do I get this traffic?

There are two types of traffic, paid and free.

Free is time invested, paid is monetary investment.

Most readers do not read everything so single sentences will catch their eye. It’s clearer, readable and understandable and that helps.

Short Sentence

Always make your sentence short, it’s easier to understand. So don’t use too many words in your sentence. Most of us have short attention span and anything short helps to capture attention.


Avoid Long Words

Why do you use long words? To impress or show you’re level of knowledge. Take your audience as ordinary people and they are not keen about your long words.


Your audience will only return to you if they know what to expect from you. They can anticipate what you are going to deliver to them your return rate will be high. This is what consistency is all about.

Ask yourself, why do you return to your same grocery store or restaurant over and over again? Price could be one reason. More likely something that is consistent perhaps the layout or the way it is organise attracted you.


Concluding Summary

Content versus clear writing.

You will stand out when you write clearly.

Writing clearly is link to your call to action and that is powerful.

It doesn’t matter how many times you write, but you will get it one day.


The Ball Is In Your Court


  1. Do you have any difficulty when your write your blog post?
  1. How to you over any challenges you face when you blog?

Head over to the comment box and drop me some feedback!


Thank you all for your time, have a great week ahead!


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